I am a ceramic artist who loves to travel and make teapots. I also enjoy Tea and Tea Culture very much. TEAPOT TRAVELER is a unique store where I can share my adventures and the teapots I produce in various locations. Travel stimulates creativity so the teapots in each of my collections are unique and derived from the experience of exploring a new place.  Sights, sounds, people, cultures, food, and survival instincts all contribute to the experience that transforms into my teapot creations.

This store is also unique in my use of a blog-like format to tell my stories of travelling and creating artwork. It's taken me all of my life so far to combine these elements into a lifestyle that I absolutely love. 

In addition to my teapot works, I also have several collections of classic and unusual teapots as well as many teas, and tea accessories to supply your tea habits.

So please enjoy perusing my wares!